The Bedwetting Problem

It Becomes Obvious to Parents

It becomes obvious to most parents, at some point, the bedwetting is affecting their child’s options, limiting what activities they can pursue, and possibly even affecting their child’s behavior and development. However, because there is often little verbalization by the bedwetter about his or her problem, parents are confused about how much urgency is appropriate in seeking help. This is not a quick-fix process. If our interview determines a case is acceptable and the family reasonably follows the program directives, there is almost no case which cannot achieve success.

You May Not Realize

If you are like most, you probably don’t realize how many other families are struggling with, and being frustrated by, the same problem. Approximately one child out of every five between the ages of 4-16 years old is still wetting. Many wet every night, some wet 2-3 times per week, others only once a week or perhaps once or twice a month.

Because of the Embarrassing Nature

Because of the embarrassing nature of bedwetting, statistics vary on the number of adolescents and adult bedwetters. It doesn’t even occur to most that adults still wet. However, best estimates are as much as 2-5% of the adult population still has this problem.

Bedwetting Remains a Closet Problem

Bedwetting remains a closet problem. Some talk about it openly but most are unwilling to do so because of the embarrassment, which adds to the mystery. As a result, most people are unaware that the cause of bedwetting is simply an incorrect, abnormal, deep sleep

Bedwetters Can Develop a Low Self-esteem

Children who wet the bed can develop a low self-esteem and therefore struggle to adequately express the truth of how they really feel about the bedwetting. We have seen, in may cases, it can affect their school performance by affecting their ability to pay attention. Their poor performance in school is largely a result of incorrect, insufficient, disorganized sleep. This is the reason why as a child grows older, everything which has been done for the bedwetting that has not worked, makes it more difficult for them to deal with their bedwetting.

It is no surprise that when a bedwetter chooses to reveal less and less about what they think and feel regarding their bedwetting, parents risk mistaking their silence for not caring. Nothing could be further from the truth.