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It is our goal to assist you in getting a DRY BED…Every Day!

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You may also give us a call during regular business hours, 9am to 4pm Central Time, and we will help you get a better understanding of what our program involves and how to get a proper correction for this problem. Toll Free: (844) 234-4050

Points to Ponder

• Is it hard to get them to wake up?
• How about ornery, cranky or zombie-like?
• Is their general health okay?
• Have you noticed they are slow to get going in the morning?
• Would you say they are fidgety or get wound-up easily?
• What about their attention span…difficult staying focused?
• Does the teacher say they are bright but could do better?
• Do they daydream a lot?
• Have they been unable to go to camp or do sleep-overs?
• Are they affectionate and loving?
• Have they mentioned that they “dreamed” they were in the bathroom?
• Do they snore excessively or perspire heavily at night?
• Do they wear a type of diaper at night?

Historically, proper correction has produced hundreds of thousands of permanently dry nights, resulting in satisfied clients.