Rejected from the US Navy…he was humiliated, desperate and determined…

“I would also like to express my gratitude for this program. It has changed my 20-year-old son’s life. For 10 years or more no doctor did anything to actually cure him, but worst than that, they were never concerned with his emotional scars and how his problem was affecting his self-esteem.

He was rejected from joining the US Navy and I was desperate and determined to find help for him. My son was totally humiliated and his dreams crushed. It was heartbreaking, as his mother, to sit and watch his pain.

I started searching the web and first found hypnosis. My husband and I borrowed $1,500.00 from a family member because the hypnotherapist I found convinced us he could change our son’s life. Needless to say, it was a waste of money. Money we didn’t have.

I then found your program, but I must admit after all our disappointments, I was very leery. But I knew I had to look into it. The gentlemen that came out to our house was very understanding, very helpful and very compassionate about our son’s problem. But again, I must admit I was still not convinced this was going to work. We had so many disappointments up to this time. My husband and I spoke to our son and we all 3 made a pact to stick together through this until the end.

As you know it worked! And as I have already mentioned, you have changed my son’s life. I cannot thank you enough. I have felt helpless for many years and have suffered in silence for my son. I was terrified this wouldn’t work, I was afraid my son couldn’t take another disappointment. I could tell he wasn’t convinced but he agreed to give it a chance.

When he had been dry for a few months he told me, ‘Mom who ever thought this would work? It has changed my life.’ He spends the night out now, it seems like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

Thank you so much for all your assistance. I will recommend the Dry Point Solutions program to anyone I come across with this type of problem.”

Nancy V.


We are pleased we enrolled in your program…

“I have a seven-year-old son. I am writing to let you know how happy my son and I are to have been enrolled in your program. He started the program in March and was declared dry in June, one month before his seventh birthday.

I am very pleased with the results and hope that more people will be able to benefit from your program.

The letters that he received from his personal case director were pleasant and motivational. He keeps them in a folder and occasionally asks when will he receive another letter.”

Dorine C.


He would even volunteer to clean the toilets to keep from going to bed!…

“It is with pleasure I write to commend your company for your compassion and much-needed help with children who are bedwetters. Enuresis, I was assured by our pediatrician, would just go away. It did not.

My son has several symptoms of heredity sleeping issues which did not help in achieving a dry bed all on his own. The pediatrician was not convinced that he would benefit from any program that helped with his sleep. He has improved so much we can hardly believe he will go to bed willingly and now sleeps for at least 8 hours every night. This has never happened before. He had never slept more than 4-5 hours at a stretch before.

Many children do not just grow out of it as I was told. My son, who graduated from the program last month, just turned seven. It took 6 months on the program for him to graduate and achieve a dry bed all on his own. When you have a child who wets the bed, they can be uncomfortable even talking about what their room looks like to another child because they may be afraid that child will figure out they still wet the bed. The self-esteem of such a child is fragile.

In my son, I saw him refuse to go to bed and volunteer to do anything (including cleaning toilets!) just to stay up so he didn’t wet the bed. It was a pretty elaborate scheme he had when he was suffering from enuresis. It is draining for them to constantly try to avoid bedtime, to not invite friends into their room as if the child could tell when the sheets are clean that they were wet last night. But a young enuretic thinks in this manner.

What a huge relief for Roy to be in a dry bed night after night, now after graduating. He has been dry in the car when we are driving late at night on vacation, he has been dry at Grandma’s house, he has been dry in a hotel room. He is so thrilled.

I encourage anyone who suffers from this problem to seek the help of Dry Point Solutions and let the expert staff make this problem and its related effects a thing of your past. It is the best investment we can think of in our son for his well-being and development.”

April E.


We tried all available medicines and even surgery; nothing helped…

“My oldest child is now 8 years old. For years we had seen doctors, tried all available medicines and even a surgery. We tried numerous other approaches suggested by doctors to correct my child’s enuresis (bedwetting). We were constantly told to restrict liquids, take warm baths and drink a glass of milk before bedtime, and she would just outgrow it. Nothing ever worked to correct the problem, and no one really seemed to understand the problem.

At the time that I first discovered the Dry Point Solutions program, my child was around six years old and I was becoming worried as she never seemed to outgrow the bedwetting. She was just starting to want to do sleepovers with other children her age and her self-esteem seemed to be taking a hit.

I talked to a representative about the program and asked the company to get back to me in six months. I was reluctant to try the program as I believed my doctor could fix my child’s enuresis. The consultant was fantastic. She answered all of my questions and assured me that she would follow-up by contacting me in six months, as she did not believe that medical treatments would cure the problem. After the six months were up, which six months included numerous medications and a hospital stay for surgery, the bedwetting continued.

The consultant contacted me again and I consented to have her come to our home and talk to us. Once again, the consultant was fantastic. She was able to give us a clear understanding of what was standing in our way so that our child could have a dry night.

The consultant then talked with our daughter. She did such a fantastic job explaining that it was not her fault and that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. She was able to explain just what our daughter was supposed to do and how important it was for her to be responsible to complete the steps every night in order to obtain dryness.

When the letters started arriving from the case director written directly to our daughter with her instructions, she was ready to go. Within just a few short months, between three and four, our daughter was having dry nights, even dry weeks. It was great! You could immediately tell the difference in how our daughter felt about herself.

The letters and stickers arriving in the mail addressed to our daughter in response to her having dry nights brought many smiles and that much-needed sense of accomplishment and success. I never believed, at the start of the program, that it would work so fast. I understand that for some, success doesn’t come that quick, but for our daughter, it was a godsend.

I also think that dryness for my daughter was achieved because of the great people that worked with our family, especially the case director. Her letters sent directly to our daughter gave her the encouragement she needed and made her proud of what she was accomplishing. At no time did anyone ever make our daughter feel as if she had done anything wrong or that it was her fault.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for having patience enough to wait on us to start the program, be encouraging enough, but not forceful, to get us to start the program and then stick with us through the end to achieve the light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot say enough to encourage others to try this program.

I am glad that we did not wait any longer in hopes that our child would just ‘grow out of it’. The rise in her self-esteem and confidence has been priceless. Thank you.”

Keri W.


He had low self-esteem and was scared of being found-out…

“Prior to hearing from your program, our former enuretic son was a boy with a lot of low self-esteem. I never understood why he was in such conditions at a young age. I always noticed he never looked rested, his grades at school were always low, and he really did not like to go out with his friends.

At first, I thought he was being bullied at school. My wife and I went to school and talked to his teachers, but realized he had no problems with his classmates. One day we finally sat down with him and asked him why he was having a lot of problems. He had a tough time telling us his problem. He just was too embarrassed to let us know, until he finally let it all out.

He had been invited to have sleepovers with friends but never went because he was too scared to have an accident at his friends’ house. He always wanted to go but never had the courage to go. He also let us know he didn’t want any more accidents. We told him that if we found help for him if he would take it and he agreed to it.

Out of the blue, my wife found your advertisement and gave them a call. We set an appointment with them. After that first call, everything went a whole lot better for him. It definitely took some hard work from him and us, but he has become a dry kid. He has spent quite a few sleepovers with his friends, which has brought a bright smile to his face. He has more energy than I have seen before, and his grades have made a great improvement.

We just want to thank Dry Point Solutions for their program which has already made a big difference in his life. We will always recommend Dry Point Solutions program to anybody who has gone through what our family went through.

The F. Family


After the results, we would do the program again in a heartbeat!…

“Our son was 5-years old and still wetting the bed 3 or 4 times a night, every night. Many times even leaking out of the pull-up. Causing us to have to use a mattress protector and wash it and all of his bedding sometimes as many as four times a week. Besides spending a fortune on pull-ups, he was starting to feel self-conscience about it.

We didn’t know what to do. We tried restricting his fluids before bedtime, sometimes even three hours before bedtime and he would still have an accident. His 2-year old brother was having more dry nights than he was, which was hard on our 5-year old who is supposed to be the ‘big’ boy. I even tried getting up two or three times during the night and taking him to the bathroom, but even then, he would still have accidents.

He started spending the night with a friend who was the same age and had no problem with wetting the bed. But the friend was asking him why he had to wear pull-ups to bed. Of course, this made my 5-year old feel bad. So we tried everything we knew and nothing worked. Then one day I answered an ad on the Internet about bedwetting and received a call from a representative, who set our family up for an appointment at our home.

The man who came to our home was very nice and careful with the way he talked to our son about his bedwetting problem. He explained everything to us in detail. But we were still skeptical. One reason is that we had already tried what we thought was all you could do for this problem. The other reason was the cost of the program. But since there is a money back guarantee, we decided to try it.

Now four months later, our son was finally declared “DRY”. But we are so glad we did it, it was definitely worth it. He is so proud of himself and more confident now. I couldn’t imagine if he had to go through years and years of wetting the bed and what it would do to him emotionally.

Now that we know the end results of the program, we would do it again in a heartbeat.”

The C. Family


We did everything the doctor recommended but it didn’t help…

“I wanted to express my DEEPEST gratitude to you for helping my son. This program worked so well for him he graduated in less than a year and is still dry.

I had struggled with the bedwetting and what to do to help him. We had done EVERYTHING the doctors had suggested and nothing worked. I am so grateful I found the Dry Point Solutions program. I will suggest you to everyone I know, and have suggested you to the doctor I have, and will suggest you to any other I ever come across.

I cannot really put into words how I felt when my son was dry for the first time. Thank you so very much.”

Michelle M.


No more night diapers, we are so grateful to Dry Point Solutions…

“Our daughter was 6-years old and still wetting at night. We tried different things to help her stop the wetting problem but nothing worked. She still wore Pull-ups to cut down on the mess. We heard about Dry Point Solutions and thought, let’s see if they can help.

We couldn’t believe that after only 4-months, our little girl was dry. It has been 8 months since we completed the program and she is not only dry but so much happier. She really liked the fact she didn’t have to wear a Pull-up anymore. She is a big girl.

She was very excited to receive the letters from her case director at Dry Point Solutions. We were told it will take dedication on our part to help our daughter on the program. We felt good about the program because we had a number we could always call and talk to someone if we had a question.

We are so grateful to Dry Point Solutions for their program and we recommend it to anyone with a bedwetting problem. It really works……”

Leon Y.


The emotional scars are healing, I have a renewed sense of independence, self-respect and relief…

“My life has been a metamorphosis since I completed your program. The emotional scars are finally healing. No longer do I feel like I’m never going to grow up and be independent.

I sleep better and a renewed sense of earned independence, self-respect and relief has entered my life.

Thank you for your insight, compassion, and knowledge. I would like to know if I could be part of the Dry Point Solutions team that can help other adults like me, help themselves. I feel that my experiences can both help and heal others. I would get much satisfaction combating their serious problem. A problem that people that don’t have it don’t understand. They couldn’t imagine or comprehend the severe emotional scars that come from this problem. To help someone make sense of this would mean a great deal to me.”

Christine P.


I always thought I was ‘defected’ somehow; I now have a new confidence…

“I am proud to confirm that I have been declared dry. I am 22-years old and have always thought that I was ‘defected’ somehow, and suffered a life of embarrassment. No one seemed to know what my problem was or how to treat it, and half the time it wasn’t a subject to be discussed.

Thanks to your program. I have learned that it is a sleeping issue that I have and bedwetting is just one of the many symptoms. With your program, I was able to learn how to wake-up from my deep sleep to use the washroom, all without embarrassment or discomfort from my case director.

Not only that, but I feel well-rested when I wake up in the morning and I no longer fall asleep at all times of the day and all places. My case director has been discreet and very helpful which was one of my major concerns when I first started the program.

I highly recommend Dry Point Solutions to anyone who has any of the symptoms of the sleeping issue, that they do this program for their own self-betterment and confidence. It is a truly effective method of correcting the sleeping issues that so many of us endure. It has helped me tremendously and has really made a difference in all areas of my life.”

Jennifer B.


She was very shy, now she joins in with the activities…

“My husband and I placed our daughter on this program in the summer. We are overwhelmed at how successful this program was. Our daughter, whom frequently wet the bed, has now been declared, “Dry”. We are very proud of her. She is also very proud of herself and has gained a great deal of confidence.

Before we started this program, our daughter was very shy and had very little self-confidence, she would not speak in front of her classmates or participate in any activities. We are happy to announce that she has now joined up for figure skating and has performed a puppet play in front of her class.

We would like to thank the consultant who came to our home to speak to us and our daughter. He played a very important part in this program. Our daughter looked forward to his initial daily phone calls. He was a very pleasant, kind and considerate consultant. Also, thank you to her case director. The letters, instructions, and stickers were perfect. Our daughter looked forward to receiving all these items in the mail.

I highly recommend the Dry Point Solutions Program to anyone in need, it has proven to be very successful.”

Paul & Kathy S.


Thank you; I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but it did!…

“I’m writing to say thank you. I’m very glad I don’t wet the bed anymore. Thank you for helping me with wetting the bed. I’m so happy now that I don’t wet the bed. I was not sure if this was going to work, but it did. Thank you very much.”

Michael G.


Thanks for keeping me excited and confident…

“Thanks for sharing the program with my mom and dad. At first I didn’t believe that it would work, but now I know that it does work. Thanks for all your help in keeping me excited and confident. I think you are great!”

John G.


Being dry is a dream all bedwetters have; I wake up happy, more alive and DRY!…

“When I was about 14, I wet my bed almost every night. I got up in a bad mood and very grumpy. I had to get up earlier because I knew I was going to have to change my sheets!! I was always depressed and sad!

When people asked me to spend the night with them, I was scared to say ‘yes’, because I was afraid of wetting my bed while I was over there. Then my mom saw an ad in the paper about bedwetting and how they could cure you.

My mom got them to come out and I was soon on the program. I went through this for about a year I think. I thought it wasn’t working at first but then I was dry one or two days a week. Soon it was 4 or 5 days a week, then a whole week. I knew it was working.

I became happier and I tried harder and harder to become dry for 2 weeks straight. Sooner than I expected I had done it. I went 2 weeks without wetting my bed. I was happy. I kept trying harder and harder, every day I woke up dry.

My life really started to change. I was becoming dry. I wasn’t so embarrassed to spend the night at a friend’s house. Soon my case director declared me dry. I woke up happy, more alive, and the thing I knew most was that I became dry because I wanted to and because I didn’t give up. I did it for me and NO ONE ELSE!!!!

I’m sixteen years old now and I’ve been declared dry about 5 months. My life has changed. I look forward to getting up and being DRY!!! I love being dry in the morning. It’s great!!! I struggled for almost 2 years to become dry.

I finally reached my most important goal in my life. I know how you must feel like no one else is going through what you are. Believe me – you CAN DO IT!!! I did. Always remember, no one else can do it for you. You have to do it for yourself and you must just keep trying. You’ll accomplish it sooner than you think.

Being dry is a dream all bedwetters have. The sky’s the limit, reach for the stars and accomplish that dream!!”



Oh, being dry is terrific!…

“Ever since I was younger I never did like wetting the bed. I always had friends coming over and I didn’t want them to see that side of me. Also, it wasn’t very nice to wake up in a wet bed.

I never did have many problems following your program. Except doing it on a regular schedule every night. Well, I never really had any concerns that I can think of. Though I did have some fears like what if I can’t stop, or what if I stop but restart and this scared me a lot.

Oh, but being dry was terrific! Waking up in a dry bed, never having to take my sheets downstairs to be washed every day. IT’S NICE TO BE DRY.”



I was always embarrassed and afraid…

“When I was a bedwetter I was always afraid that I might wet the bed when I was at a friend’s house. I was always embarrassed when I wet whether at home or at a friend’s home.

It took a lot of work to get dry but I made it and I’m glad. Now I’m not afraid to go to my friend’s house for the night. Don’t give up even when it seems impossible.”



We knew that emotionally it was starting to take its toll on our son…

“Our son was potty trained at age 2 for ‘daytime’, but nighttime was a different story. Every year, we kept thinking this will be the year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

When he turned 5 and still hadn’t stopped wetting at night, we first tried an alarm system from a health magazine, but to no avail. It would wake us up downstairs, but he slept right through it.

At age 6 we went to a specialist who prescribed a nose spray. It helped but still didn’t stop it. At age 8, I saw your ad in a magazine and decided to send off for more information.

The night of our appointment, our son was so excited, at that point we didn’t care what the cost was as long it worked. We knew that emotionally it was starting to take its toll. He couldn’t stay all night with others or have someone stay all night with him without worrying about ‘being found out’.

We signed up and saw results immediately. Although it took approximately 10 months to have his case ‘declared dry’, for several of those months, it was just an occasional accident now and then that it didn’t seem that long at all. All the time and cost were well worth it.

It still amazes me how common bedwetting is. Last summer I was sitting around a pool with 3 other ladies. The subject came up and I discovered that 2 had been bedwetters themselves, and one had a son who still was. I am so glad that we invested in Dry Point Solutions program when we did.

Kids can be so cruel, that I can’t imagine the terror these people endured, worrying that their secret would be found out. The only regret I have is that we didn’t sign up even earlier. Thanks again for your wonderful program, it truly was a Godsend to us.”

Connie K.


He was labeled with ADD at school; now the teachers say he is comparable to any other 3rd-grade boy…

“We have had two of our sons go through the Dry Point Solutions program. Both had different problems and experiences yet your program was successful with both.

Our older son was treated by the medical profession with different drugs and even suggested that he see a psychiatrist for his bedwetting problem to be cured. What they did not understand was that since he was born he had only had a few dry nights.

It made sense when we were finally introduced to your program that he had a sleeping problem. After 3 months he was successful and felt like a new person. He had more confidence and has continued to stay dry these many years later. So when we determined that one of our other sons was having a bedwetting problem we knew where to turn.

But, this time our son was only wetting a few times a week and he was tested at school and labeled ADD. I questioned if we should try the drugs for the ADD and we made the decision to work on the sleeping problem first since we had been told before that this was also a symptom. This time it was a longer process and many different problems that were experienced.

At one point I was so discouraged that I wanted to quit just to get some sleep myself. We had been working with him for over 6 months with little progress. In fact, he was now wetting on the floor and not the bed, so we worked with the case director on how to fix each of these problems.

I began to finally see progress, but it was very slow at first. We appreciate the case director’s the letters of encouragement and knowing that if we needed someone we could always call. The initial consultant was great and made sure we were on our way to a great start. We were never given false hopes that this was an easy process but that it was an achievable goal. The letters always let our son know that they believed in him as much as we did.

As part of the outcome of getting our son to sleep properly, his teachers have also seen great progress in him. His teachers this year have stated that they would not consider him as ADD and feel that he is comparable in his behaviors to any other 3rd-grade boy.

He has achieved success in his sleep, success at school and it shows in his precious smile and confident manner. Gone is the little boy who did not want to spend the night anywhere except grandma’s house and now he is excited about going to camp this summer.”

Lisa S.


Successful and effective; our son now has the confidence to participate…

“Our son has successfully completed the Dry Point Solutions program and we would like to express our thanks. Our consultant and case director were very professional and helped us achieve success.

Your program is very effective. My son now has the confidence to participate in his fourth grade camp-out next week. I would highly recommend your program to anyone with a bedwetting problem.”

Diane S.


His confidence level is way up there!…

“Our son is now five-years old and started on the program back in June. He caught on to what he was supposed to do right away due to our consultant’s talking to, showing and instructing him so well and also his case director’s encouragement and lessons. He especially liked receiving mail in his name, the stickers, and awards, and ‘playing’ the new games every few weeks. It was more like fun than work.

Now, six months later he is declared ‘dry’ and it is absolutely wonderful!! He misses getting mail and the stickers and awards but is more overjoyed and is very excited that he no longer wets the bed. I’m happy for all that as well, but also because my laundry pile is less now too!!

His confidence level is way up there, and he feels like such a big boy now (aside from the fact that he’s now 5 too). I just want to thank you so much for all your help, your program worked where everything else we tried failed.

I would certainly recommend the Dry Point Solutions organization to anyone with a bedwetting problem. Again, thank you so much and God bless.”

Theresa R.


We put our faith in the program and it was successful…

“It has been a great relief to have our daughter no longer wetting the bed. I felt there had to be a solution somewhere. After reading about your company, I felt that you were the only ones with any answers and hope for us.

We put our faith in your program and it was successful. The only problem I could see was that she was a deep sleeper. She did not have any other physical or emotional problems that would cause her to wet.

I was happy to find out that there was a solution and we weren’t left with maybe one day she will grow out of it. She is an obedient girl and wants to do what is right and will follow directions as is told. She didn’t always feel like doing some of the procedures, but she did what she was told and consistently followed the program.

After completing each phase, she was always excited to be through it and anxious for the end to be declared “DRY”. We were glad that she was able to do it in such a short time. We can see that her brain needed some prompting and learning to help her achieve dryness.

We felt right about the program, we did it and it worked. We are thankful to Dry Point Solutions for helping our daughter achieve dryness.”

Melanie & John H.


I think this success will carry over into all aspects of her life…

“I am writing to thank your company for helping my daughter to stop wetting the bed. She is 9-years old and I have seen a great improvement in her self-confidence since she has been declared dry.

She was very excited each time she received a letter from her case director and enjoyed writing letters back. She is very proud of herself and it is great to see her this way.

I would recommend the Dry Point Solutions program to anyone who has a child with bedwetting problems. The great thing is the sense of accomplishment that my daughter felt.

She did it herself (with help from you) and I think this will carry over into all aspects of her life as she grows. Thank you, you have a great program.”

Judy A.


We noticed he doesn’t snore as much, isn’t grinding his teeth and is not so restless…

“Thank you for helping my son reach a milestone! Since he was 5-years-old, we have tried everything we could think of to help him overcome his bedwetting problem. Everything from restricting his liquid intake after 8 PM, rewarding him for dry nights, to getting him up during the night to use the bathroom.

With the help of your program, our son who is 8, went from regularly wetting the bed to being dry in a period of 7 to 8 months. He is now able to spend the nights at friends house without worrying.

He has been spared the humiliation of having someone find out about his problem and telling others. I have also noticed that when he is asleep he does not snore as much, he isn’t grinding his teeth and is not so restless. Thus, his behavior at school has improved.

For all this and for my son’s new sense of self-confidence, I thank you!”

Nora T.


We saw improvements in the mornings, afternoons and at bedtime…

“We had worked with our daughter using every technique we came across. We tried sleep tapes, home remedies, waking her in the middle of the night, and keeping her off liquids hours prior to bedtime just to name a few!

She was at an age where she was constantly invited to slumber parties. We had her hide a pull-up in her overnight bag. I would secretly call the hostess’s mom and have her quietly remind her to use her ‘special pajamas’.

When we were visited at our home, by a consultant from Dry Point Solutions, we were very skeptical. We were willing to try anything. The first few nights were tough. I had to remind myself that at least I was only helping her change a few sheets, as opposed to washing all the bed linens and mattress pad.

After the first week, we saw the first real improvements. She would run in and tell us about her dry bed and if she had an accident, she would see that it was only one night in a series of dry nights.

We had gotten over yelling and getting upset at her in the mornings. Now we could really get excited that she is getting a good night’s sleep. There were great ideas that really changed her sleep pattern.

The whole program was about her really getting the sleep she needed. I never knew that, and I am more than happy to share this information with others. We saw an improvement in the way she behaved in the afternoons. We feel it was because she was not overly tired. She has always been a wonderful daughter and thanks to this program, she is much happier with herself!

I want to say again, that averaging the stress, cost of laundry, and experimental remedies, certainly made the cost worth it by comparison. That is how we look at it, this was a worthwhile, long-term investment.”

Judy T.


I could just cry when I see ads that diapers are the answer!…

“When I see the ads on TV for “Good Nites” I could cry. People see them and think that’s the answer. I feel so sorry for people who try that method and think it’s okay because the bed is no longer wet.

It’s an injustice to the kids. As she learned on the program, it is okay and was even encouraged, to drink water. Even before bed. She is still a big water drinker and I’m happy that I don’t have to cut off her water in the PM. “

Jean L.


He is like a new person; his grades went from barely passing to 6 A’s…

“Our son is like a new person since he’s been dry. The greatest improvement has been in his school work, as of last report card he had 6 A’s. And this was a child who never got better than a D or C.

He now even has the responsibility of walking several of the neighbor’s dogs, and handles it very well. We have a new person living with us thanks to your remarkable program.

I highly recommend Dry Point Solutions to any parent who has an enuretic. Face the facts, stop tormenting yourself and your child. Sign up for this program. Open your minds to the fact, ‘he won’t grow out of it’, he or she needs help. I can’t express enough gratitude or relief that such a fantastic program exists.”

Lynn S.